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Our Digital Efforts

SDI Program

The Software Development Immersive (SDI) program enables eligible participants to learn methodologies for working on production code and is run in unified partnership with the leading Space Force software factories.

This 6 month program is available to USSF active duty uniformed members and USSF government civilians.

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A Z-Prefix designation identifies Guardians in any AFSC who perform duties managing, developing, and designing software solutions supporting both acquisition and operational communities within the United States Space Force.

The Z-Prefix identifier and Assessment Process is open to USSF active duty uniformed members.

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FY24 SDI Cohorts

Course Apply By Start End
SDI 21 09 SEP 23 25 SEP 23 29 MAR 24
SDI 24 29 JAN 24 12 FEB 24 26 JUL 24
SDI 26 20 MAY 24 03 JUN 24 15 NOV 24

SDI 21

25 SEP 23-29 MAR 24

Apply by: 09 SEP 23

SDI 24

12 FEB 24-26 JUL 24

Apply by: 29 JAN 24

SDI 26

03 JUN 24-15 NOV 24

Apply by: 20 MAY 24


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For inquiries about Z-Prefix assessment process